Roose Bolton

Lord of the Dreadfort "The Leech Lord "


Roose Bolton sometimes called “The Leech Lord” is the head of house Bolton and the Lord of the Dreadfort. Hes is twice a widower, his most recent wife being Lady Bethany of House Ryswell. His only trueborn son and heir Domeric died in childhood and his only living child is now the bastard Ramsey Snow. Roose Bolton is counted as one of house Stark’s most loyal supporters inspite of the historical rivalry between the two houses. In the War of the usurper he raised his banners in support of house Stark and again during the Greyjoy rebellion.

He is of average size and appearance, with his only noticeable feature being his eerie, pale eyes. His skin is pasty white, most likely due to the leechings.


Roose Bolton

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